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Swarm Collection Call List

Local Beekeepers for Honey Bee Swarm Collection and Colony Removal. (Click on a location on the map to see list.)

If a swarm of honey bees land on your property, do not disturb them. Keep pedestrians, children and pets away from the swarm. Swarms in the clustered stage are relatively gentle, and the risk of stings is low. Nevertheless, treat swarms with caution. A swarm usually relocates to a permanent nest, usually a hollow tree, abandoned beekeeper's hive, or inside a hollow wall within 24 hours. If the swarm is safely located away from animals and people, you may wait for it to fly away on its own. If the swarm poses a real risk to people or animals, you may find a local beekeeper who will remove it. However, not all beekeepers collect swarms, and some may charge a fee for this service.

Bees in walls can be a problem if the colony dies; its beeswax combs are no longer ventilated by fanning bees and combs may melt and stain interior walls with honey and wax. If you discover a honey bee colony nesting inside a wall save money and labor with quick action.